Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi and welcome to my little corner of blog-land.  I'm thrilled that you are here and would love to introduce myself.

I'm Tiffany Burton the author of Crafting is a Talent.  My goal for writing a blog started with my husband insisting that I had a talent for creativity and that it was something I should share to encourage others to develop their own creativity.  You can read all the details about that in my very first blog post:  Why I Blog.
My childhood is something that truly instilled the love of crafting and creativity in me. I remember finger painting, sidewalk chalk art, face painting & those spinning paint machines at the county fair. My middle school art teacher Mrs. Henderson inspired me with the projects she let us try like cross-stitch and a huge San Xavier Mission Mural on the wall of the school. I will never forget how pain stakingly I worked to get the mission to look like the photograph of it. My mother also instilled in me a deep love for crafting and taught me not to be afraid to try new things. She oil painted, sewed, did needlepoint, crochet, knitting, ceramics and practically anything in between you can imagine. Unfortunately, I have always been stubborn and insisted on doing it myself or not at all and this left me to learn a few things the hard way after I left home, like how to sew a French seam and everything I know about cooking.

I firmly believe that the trials in our lives forge us into the people we become and through those trials I have gained an unshakable faith in my Savior Jesus Christ.  This affects every aspect of my life as I try constantly to live a good and service oriented life.  You can expect to see this faith expressed in my blog.
Now that I have been married for over ten years and have five children of my own, I am beginning to realize how important it is to learn creativity while you are young.  And I am working diligently to teach this love of crafting to my children and those around me.  Crafting has always been my passion and my goal with this blog is to share that passion with you.  Whether it is the woefully mistake riddled attempt or the off the cuff bit of genius I love creating and collaborating.

My crafting passions and interests include:
  • sewing clothes, costumes, and anything you can make with those wonderful machines
  • quilting
  • scrapbooking because I have to save all those photos I take as a snapshot happy mother
  • stamping & card making
  • writing
  • painting
  • cross-stitch
  • crochet
  • cooking & canning although you probably won't find recipes on this blog
  • and many more
There are a couple of things that most people would be surprised to learn about me and don't know.  First is that I enjoy reading fantasy books with werewolves, vampires and magic as much as I enjoy a cheesy romance story.  I am currently working on writing a fantasy story of my own.  I listen some alternative and rock groups when I go running, do housework and exercise.

Things you can expect to find on my blog:
  • tutorials for how to create projects I have made
  • product reviews about patterns to tools and how I have liked them
  • the ways I am teaching and developing others' talents and my own
  • tips and tricks I have learned over the years and the ones I'll discover tomorrow
  • guest articles from others who were inspired and willing to share a bit of their creativity with me
  • plus anything that could be considered a craft or a talent that I enjoy and want to share
So I invite you to join me.  Pull up a chair and grab your favorite beverage and stay a while.  I hope that something I have done will inspire you to bring out your creativity to play and help you develop your own talents.  I love to read your comments, opinions and tips as well as answer questions about my projects.  I will always read and try to respond to comments here on my blog and the links I post on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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