Friday, June 27, 2014

Superhero Masks - A Kids Obession Turned Creation

Superheroes have really become almost an obsession at our house.  For years now my husband and I have loved going to see these types of movies together, and now that my kids are a little older they have discovered them as well.  Whether it is the cartoon version or the live action they watch superheroes, then they play action figures, and dress-up.  My nine year old daughter has even said that she would like to be Captain America for Halloween this year.  Her six year old brother followed that idea with a request to be Ironman with a "real suit of armor".

As you know I have been designing felt masks for my mother's Etsy Shop: Our Cozy Creations and the superheroes are great sellers.  So we have been trying to branch out and expand our choice selection and I often find myself asking my kids which superheroes they like the best and why.  "The Avengers" are a group that continue to come up time and time again.  Both my girls wishing that they made action figures for the girl superheroes and not just the boys.  So my sister and I have been designing masks for the little girls in our lives that want to be as amazing and super as the little boy's in our lives.

Well the other night I was struggling with my design for Wasp from the Avengers.  You can read about that here.  Starting fresh the following morning I was not only much better at being objective about what I had accomplished the night before but my daughters were also awake and could give me their opinion.  So here it is.  While working on this design I can say I learned more about "The Avengers" comic book characters then I ever thought I needed to know.  And that knowledge has spurred me into action to create one more design so that the original team of five will be complete and available.  This design was taken directly from some of the current cartoon animation my kids watch from time to time right now and is stamped with child approval, my girls especially were thrilled after they saw me add the rhinestones to it.  If you are curious you can check out my inspiration from another artist: MonteCreations on Deviantart here.

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